Cello Lessons

Teaching Philosophy

I aspire to provide every student with the competency to master the technical skills that will enable them to adequately communicate musical and emotional ideas to his or her audience. Each student is equipped with both strengths and weaknesses; no two students are alike! I do not expect every student to become a 'one-size fits all' performer. Instead, I seek to help them reach up to their highest potential by cultivating their strengths while optimistically addressing needed areas of growth.

Throughout this process, I hope to instill attributes such as perseverance, determination, and confidence which will continue to benefit students throughout their lives. I strive to develop each student's ability to recognize and relay the beauty of music as a way to communicate beyond barriers of culture and race.

I am currently accepting students into my private studio and online lessons as well. Fluent in Korean and English, I also offer to teach in the comfort of your home. Please refer to the contact section or email me here to be in touch.